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Why buy a Custom-Built Computer?
Buying a Custom-Built Computer affords you the ability to buy a computer which is no more or no less than you need or want to pay for.

All individual components installed in a hand-built computer must meet Industry Standard Architecture standards. This means that all of the parts in your computer will be top-shelf and easily exchangeable or upgradeable when necessary.

Buying a custom-built computer is usually no more expensive than buying one with a brand name and has certain benefits. Custom-Built Computers are always more simple and less expensive to upgrade or repair down the road. This is because the parts are all separately installed and therefore easier and cheaper to replace. Also, customers receive original distribution diskettes (CD format) of installed software which means no having to take home your new computer and make backups of the installed software yourself!

Finally, when you buy a custom-built computer, you get exactly what you want and need. Why pay for hardware and software that you may never use?

Chapline Computers will custom-make a computer for you
We carry a variety of Samsung monitors including LCD and CRT flat screens. Samsung monitors can be serviced under warranty right here in the Philadelphia area.


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demo of Comcast High Speed cable!

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