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Why Come to Chapline Electronics
Since the business began in 1982, Chapline Electronics has repaired well over 15,000 units comprising all types and brands of consumer electronics. Our technicians are electronic engineers and seasoned veterans in the world of electronic repair. All work is done on site and each repair is treated as a unique and individual case. Our work is warrantied for 60 days and we make every attempt to fully satisfy each and every customer.

What We Do & Don’t Do
At Chapline Electronics we repair all major brands of consumer electronics. This includes TVs (no consoles), VCRs, and Stereo Equipment: Amplifiers, Receivers, Tape Decks, CD players, Turntables. We do not repair Boom Boxes, Walkmans, Video Cameras, or Household Appliances.

Policies and Procedures
At the time the broken unit is dropped off for repair, a $35.00 (plus sales tax) deposit is required. This covers the cost of receiving a diagnosis and estimate. We will call you with this information and then YOU DECIDE if we should move forward with the repair. If you authorize the repair, your deposit will be applied toward the final charge. If necessary, in-home service calls may be arranged for a minimum fee of $90.00.

Typically it will take a few weeks for Chapline Electronics to fix your unit. This includes the time it takes to order parts for your unit. If no parts are required, this time will be lessened. All repairs are done on our premises by highly trained technicians and all units are looked at on a first-come, first-served basis.

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