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Computer Sales

Custom Built
Find out why your custom-built computer shouldn't cost more…
Start-up Systems
Look at a choice of three different systems designed for different purposes
Individual Instruction
One-on-one training if you need it!
For Small Business
Assistance with individual purchases or the installation of a business network
Computer Services
Supplying sales AND service to our customers

Computer Services
Supplying sales AND service to our customers

Electronic Repairs
We also provide service for consumer electronics such as TV's, VCR's and stereo equipment

Internet Connectivity
If you're looking to connect to the Internet via cable or dial-up service. Also for web design and hosting.

Have a look—you never know…

Ask us about buying a flexible, money-saving, custom built computer system.
Chapline Computers will custom-make a computer for you
Tell us what you need in a computer and we'll put it together!


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demo of Comcast High Speed cable!

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