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Who is Chapline Computers?
Chapline Computers, Inc. is your local store for Personal Computers, Printers, Monitors and Scanners. In fact, everything you need. 

At Chapline Computers your computer system will be designed and hand-crafted to your personal needs and specifications. Our sales staff will take the time necessary to discuss with you just how you plan to use your computer and exactly what components you will need to accomplish your computing goals. In business since 1986, Chapline Computers has built and installed hundreds of computers for all different types of computer users including residential users, college students, senior citizens, and a wide variety of small to medium-sized businesses.

All computers built by Chapline Computers come with a 1 year in-store warranty. Hard drives and monitors carry a manufacturer’s 3 year warranty. Customers receive original distribution diskettes of installed software which means no having to make backups of software yourself! System prices include Windows 98 or XP and Microsoft Works 6.0, however we will be glad to load any software you choose onto your computer. At Chapline Computers, YOU GET IT YOUR WAY!

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Chapline Computers will custom-make a computer for you

If you have a small business that needs to share computers, let us advise you on a network

We also offer a choice of service for dial-up and cable internet connections

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